Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Resources

Summer is here! Enjoy your time off and have fun. Don't forget to exercise your brain. Remember- use it or lose it! Below are some resources to help you stay sharp: 

Khan Academy: a free website that offers practice exercises and educational videos. Subjects offered include: math, science, arts, and computing

Reading Is Fundamental: The largest literacy nonprofit in the US. Check out their Literacy Resources for a variety of activities, booklists, and articles filled with great information for parents.

CK-12: Great resource for practicing Math and Science skills- helps students understand concepts through technology, simulations, practice, and play.

Discovery Education: Provides free student resources for homework help and interactive learning games. They also have Step-by-Step WebMath to help walk you through math problems you are having difficulty with. 

Parents- feel free to email additional resources to add

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