Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NEW: Student Assistance Program

The 2013-2014 school year will kick off Southern Columbia's first middle school Student Assistance Program! We've had a SAP team at the high school for quite a while, but now that we have our own middle school building, it is time for our very own SAP team.
If you are unfamiliar, the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a group of teachers and other school staff, as well as community agency staff who are here to help students deal with problems that are stopping them from doing well in school or stressing them out. Members of the team are listed below. Team member, Mrs Bloom, put together SAP brochures with more information. I'll be posting one on my resources page soon. Brochures will also be available in the middle school or office or you can call (570)356-3400 for more information. Keep checking for more SAP updates!
     Mrs. Farronato- principal
·         Mrs. Walters- school counselor
·         Mrs. Spade- school nurse
·         Mrs. Fleishauer- school nurse
·        Mrs. Zanolini- school social worker
·         Mrs. Visnosky- teacher
·         Mrs. Bloom- teacher
Mrs. Phillips- teacher
·         Mr. Kaseman- teacher

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